Silver Throughout History

"gold, silver and the next monetary reform"

Silver had been the international currency for 6 thousand years. Silver mines allowed Athen to expand the greek civilisation. Rome destroyed Cartage because of its silver. The systemic krach in 1345 had been provocated by the venitian banks changing the silver to gold ratio. It killed a third of the world population. The Bank of Amsterdam created in 1600 is the real mother of the Bank of England. The Netherlands are the creator of the British Empire and they are still dominant in the Bilderberg Group. Caribbean's pirates were private's armies attacking the Spanish silver fleet on behalf of the Bank of England and the Dutch-British Kingdoms. It was geopolitics. Even "Zorro", the Mexican independance and revolutions. Nothing happens by chance in politics.
History is full of surprises if you follow the scent of silver. Today's prices manipulations or supression have very deep roots in History. If you want to understand what will happen tomorrow, look at what happened yesterday.
"This book is as passionating as a thriller" is the main comment of my readers. You will love it.


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There is also an electronic version, an e-book :

As it is difficult to read 500 pages on your PC, the e-book coul be divided in two volumes.

The first volume tells you the History of Silver, when it was the main universal monetary unit, from ancient time to the Hunt's short squeeze in1980.
You cannot really understand what is hapening now, if you don't know who created the Bank of England, the role of Trafalgar, the mexican revolutions, Opium wars, the crime of 1873 or the aim of Roosevelt's Silver Act. It's a must read.

The second volume is a chronicle of silver price manipulations during the last 30 years, an economic study and a forecast of what could happen to silver during and after the systemic Krach to come.

Gold and silver prices are already confiscated. What will happen after the bank's krach and when states will be in default ?
What will be the next universal monetary system ? A New Gold Standard or a Bancor ?
This study should help you to better anticipate the monnetary crisis to come.

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